Admiralty Law and Maritime Safety

The water is one of the most inherently hostile work environments imaginable. Dark water, rough conditions, and dangerous occupations cause thousands of injuries and death each year. Even though most people who work in or near the water are trained in their occupation and in proper safety precautions, accidents will always occur. This is why it is critically important for vessels owners and shipmasters to maintain their vessels so that when mishaps occur they do not cause more damage than they should.

Unfortunately many vessels are not up to the challenge of protecting their crews. When sailors, seamen, for land dock workers are injured on ships they have many options to pursue compensation for their situations. These options can include a lawsuit under one of the many maritime laws that apply to sailors, seamen, and dock workers in the United States. The Jones Act, the Longshoreman and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, and the Death on the High Seas Act provide relief to those maritime workers who suffer an accident on the water.