Broken or Fractured Bones

More and more people around the world are spending time on the water. In fact, over 12 million commercial boats currently operate on the lakes, rivers, bays and oceans within and around the United States. Unfortunately, increased boater traffic coupled with unskilled and under qualified boat operators or personnel have led to an increased number of accidents on America’s navigable waterways. Some of the more common injuries sustained from boating accidents are broken or fractured bones.

Broken or Fractured Bones

Broken bones are a painful and debilitating injury that can require months of rehabilitation and therapy. Costs associated with the injury depend on a number of factors, such as the location of the break, the number of bones immediately impacted, any additional joint or muscle damage and the services and products required for proper rehabilitation and care. Unfortunately, bones are often slow to heal, and time is needed for the victim to regenerate physically to a point where they can effectively engage in the activities enjoyed prior to the injury.

Injuries sustained in boating accidents or other maritime-related events can be incredibly difficult to endure, especially when the victim was not at fault. If you or someone you know has sustained an injury because of the negligent or irresponsible acts of another, then immediate action should be taken. Understanding and experienced attorneys can ease the fears and frustrations associated with the rehabilitation process, and help you back on the road to physical and financial recovery.

Broken/Fractured Arm

Losing the use of an arm greatly compounds the difficulties of daily life. A broken or fractured arm can make even the most mundane of tasks seemingly insurmountable struggles, as the casts, slings and other equipment necessary for healing limit the victim’s ability to perform functions as basic as eating, dressing and bathing.

The level of pain and subsequent rehabilitation is contingent upon the severity of the injury. Some breaks are simple and can heal quickly, while others are far more complicated in location and nature, and require surgery and extensive rehabilitation in order to mend effectively. Dealing with the pain and general discomfort of an injury like a broken arm is difficult enough, but when the carelessness of another is the cause of the injury, feelings of anguish, frustration and rage can almost render the physical pain obsolete.

Injuries resulting from boat or other maritime-related accidents can be frustrating, time-consuming and financially draining. Understanding and compassionate attorneys are well aware of your physical and emotional burdens, and will fight to garner the monetary compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.Broken/Fractured Back

A broken or fractured back is one of the most agonizing injuries anyone can endure. The back has a complex system of muscles, nerves and bone that are interconnected with various other parts of the human anatomy, making it one of the most vital and sensitive areas of the body. Any major injuries to the back or spine region usually require extended periods of immobilization, where the victim has little or no movement and must rely on others to help them perform the basic functions of daily life.

A back injury as a result of a maritime-related accident is often a harrowing experience. In many cases, the victim is in an isolated area with limited medical supplies and facilities, and the weather and water conditions can adversely affect the vital processes that occur immediately following the accident, such as victim stabilization and transport. Any injury to the back can disable even the healthiest of individuals, and prevent their enjoyment of the most basic of physical activities, such as walking and sitting.

Tragically, a back injury can lead to a lifetime of pain, reduced physical activity and prolonged periods of victim frustration and anger. If you feel that your injury was the result of another’s irresponsible behavior, then now is the time to contact experienced and qualified legal counsel. You deserve to be compensated for your struggle.Broken/Fractured Leg

A broken or fractured leg bone is more than just painful; it can completely change the way we live our lives. Simple activities such as standing and/or walking can be altered or eliminated completely, as bearing any weight on the injured leg can lead to excruciating and unbearable pain. Broken or fractured leg injuries sustained in boating or other maritime-related events can be especially trying, as adverse weather or water conditions, limited medical supplies and extended distances between the victim and adequate care can lead to intense and prolonged periods of personal suffering.

The rehabilitation process from a broken or fractured leg can be nearly as frustrating as the injury itself. Depending on the severity of the injury, pins, bolts and even metal plates may have to be inserted for to insure effective regeneration of the bone and surrounding muscles and tissues. As a result, the costs associated with the injury can be immense, both from a physical and financial standpoint.

Boating and other maritime-related accidents require a specific and indepth understanding of the various components of admiralty law. If your injury is the result of another’s negligence, then it is time to contact a qualified and compassionate admiralty law attorney who can use the language of the law to help provide you with the compensation you deserve.Broken/Fractured Neck

Neck injuries are a source of intense physical and psychological anguish for the victim, as it is easy to assume that any significant damage could lead to a life of limited mobility. Unfortunately in many cases, their fears are not misguided. Extensive damage to the neck can immediately impact a variety of vital body components, such as the functioning of the circulatory and nervous system, as well as the victim’s ability to perform the most rudimentary of life functions, such as eating and sleeping.

A potentially life-threatening injury such as a broken or fractured neck requires immediate and comprehensive medical treatment. Sadly, many of the injuries sustained on boats, refineries, and other waterborne vessels do not allow the victim access to the type of care needed to avoid permanent physical damage.

Obviously, it is imperative for victims of extensive neck injuries to seek proper medical attention for their condition. If the injury is the result of another’s negligence, it is equally important for those afflicted to seek the informed and experienced advice of attorneys who are familiar with the laws and statutes surrounding maritime-related accidents. Call today.Other Broken Bones

Broken bones are common injuries sustained in boating or other maritime-related accidents. Unfortunately for the victim, they are often painful and always physically frustrating. Any broken bone can lead to a frustrating and personally disruptive rehabilitation process, usually entailing weeks of wearing a cast and/or sling that invariably disrupts our daily life routines. Interrupting a busy schedule for a doctor’s appointment can be extremely inconvenient, while expensive X-rays and surgeries are necessary to ensure proper healing, but also require a significant financial investment.

If you have been forced to deal with the physical and emotional traumas associated with broken bones, you may be entitled to seek reparations for your pain and suffering. Many maritime-related accidents are the result of another person or party’s negligent practices or behavior, and all guilty parties should be brought to justice. An experienced and understanding admiralty attorney can help navigate you through the potentially confusing laws and statutes associated with maritime accidents, and help fight for the compensation you deserve.