Admiralty Law and Death Information

For those who work and play on the lakes, seas and oceans of the world, tragedy can strike quickly and without warning. History is littered with tragic tales of those who have paid the ultimate price while working or recreating aboard waterborne vessels, and while modern technology has limited many of the perils faced by previous generations, thousands of Americans lives have been lost each year as a result of maritime-related accidents.

What makes the loss of life so difficult to comprehend is the fact that many of the disastrous situations could have been avoided. Current admiralty laws do not require private vessels to carry fire retardants such as extinguishers and foams, and while life vests are required safety equipment for all vessels, many are poorly maintained or neglected all together. Ultimately, the environment on-board the vessel can be as dangerous as any to be encountered at sea, and those who suffer often times are misled to believe that the vessel has all practices and procedures necessary for their safety and security.

Losing a loved one is perhaps the most painful experience one can endure. Those intense feelings of loss and despair can quickly turn to rage when it is realized that the death could possibly have been avoided had certain rules and regulations been enforced. If you believe that the death of a loved one may be the result of another person or party’s negligence, then justice must be served. Experienced legal counsel will help you in the attempt to hold the accused parties accountable for their actions, and to seek the compensation due for the costs associated with this trying and traumatic experience.