Infected or Untreated Wounds

Infected Wounds

Infected wounds can become a serious issue for those who sustain the injury in an isolated or remote area. Immediate medical response can prevent the original wound from becoming infected and potentially leading to other, more life-threatening conditions and ailments. In many instances, infected wounds sustained while the victim is on the open water can lead to serious medical issues, as prolonged exposure to the elements, waterborne bacteria and other unsanitary sources can make an already serious situation dire.

Infected Wounds

Anyone who is wounded while on the water is encouraged to seek immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, those who are at work when the injury occurs often ignore or neglect the wound altogether, focusing on finishing their required labor before turning their attention to what could become a very serious problem.

Conversely, those who are injured while on vacation or in some other form of recreation often fail to seek prompt treatment for their wound, leading to similar scenarios that accelerate infection. If you feel such precautions were not taken or heeded, then now is the time to contact a lawyer who understands the complexities of admiralty law.

Untreated Wounds

In many cases, the infected wound is the result of an inability to find supplies, equipment or personnel who can properly treat the injury. Maritime related injuries are every part as severe as those sustained on land, but the treatment process can be much more difficult, and as a result, boat operators, officers and staff must take extra precautions to prevent dangerous scenarios from occurring.