Severe Gashes, information and legal help

Whether at work or at play, those who enjoy life on the water must constantly face the dangers associated with maritime pursuits. Boats and other waterborne craft have a variety of parts and equipment, some of which can be extremely hazardous to the unskilled or inexperienced. In some cases, individuals can sustain painful injuries that require prompt medical attention, ranging in severity from cuts and abrasions to severe gashes.

If left untreated, severe gashes can become infected and eventually have far more serious consequences. Gashes can be especially difficult for those who sustain the injury while on the job, as wages lost while attempting to heal from the injury can lead some back to the job site before they are ready. Vacationers and other recreationalists who sustain gash injuries sometimes lack the medical equipment or facilities needed to properly treat the infirmity, leading to an increased likelihood of infection or other related maladies.

If you have sustained a severe gash in a maritime-related accident, there may be reason to pursue legal recourse. Improper working conditions, poorly maintained decks and surfaces and a lack of readily available safety equipment can be contributing factors to the extent and severity of the gash, and experienced attorneys can help you pursue compensation for time and wages lost during your recovery period.